Update to the Highs and Lows Count

Still in Rhinebeck…

Just found a new awesome flavor of Clif Bar at a bike shop where Anna got her tire fixed.


In a shitstorm of green



Back in the Hunger Games

New York State is doing everything it can to keep us from getting to New York City. Anna got 2 flats yesterday and 3, YES, 3 flats THIS MORNING. Also it’s pouring rain and we have headwinds of course.

Highs and lows report:

Right now we are in Rhinebeck where a very nice lady was so impressed with us that she bought us a fancy lunch and desserts.


Pear tart:


Got out of free fancy lunch to find this flat in the pouring rain:


Anna’s about to bust a cap in someones ass.

Roald Dahl is a dark dark man.

Tonight, after 2 flats, a nasty headwind, and a bazillion hills, we’re staying with my amazing friend and fellow bike your leader, Carolina. We have Indian food in our bellies and our hair is clean. Molly was feeling great until she picked up this book of Roald Dahl’s short stories…the ones he wrote for adults, not kids. It’s some messed up shit. This is her right after reading about Hitler’s mother praying infant Adolf would survive.