6 thoughts on “Map

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  2. Hi Molly & Anna
    I so enjoyed catching up on your travel blog – you girls ROCK or should I say ROLL!
    Keep on biking and writing!
    Uncle Bob in Walnut Creek

  3. I want to thank you ladies for broadening my education – I have learned more from your travel log than in all my years of geography! Albino bison, gun libraries, wild boar sandwiches – these are the treasures that you have uncovered for me – not to mention cold s’mores. I hope your stay with the Moench clan has renewed your energy and spirit for the second half of your journey – I love your anecdotes…keep them coming! – 🙂 Uncle Bob W.C.

  4. It is really impressive to see your blue line snaking across the US. NYC is looking a lot closer! Glad to hear that your instincts for finding big hearted people in all the states of the Union remains well-honed.
    With much love!

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