Final map update!

The map is finally finished, we made it from Seattle to our wonderful arrival party in Brooklyn!  Photos will be coming soon.  It may have been hard to tell who has been writing what on this blog at points, since Molly and I have been essentially one human for the past couple months (by the way, it’s very nice of my friends and family to assume I wasn’t responsible for the screw up at the border, but I should come clean and admit that Molly is way smarter than I am).  But it’s definitely Anna now, and after the first night without her in over 2 months, I gotta say, that girl is a true champion.  Always up for anything, always ready to laugh in the face of adversity, always seeing the best in people, and most importantly, always starting every day ready for the universe to make it a great one.  It takes a special person to sign up for something as unknown and difficult as this trip.  Molly Gaebe is that person!  Way to kick ass, Molly!!

2 thoughts on “Final map update!

  1. Glad to hear you made it home. We applaude your success. We just said goodbye to the last of our Sturgis Rally guests. Boy, do I know the sadness feeling. Miss them all. Hope you stay in touch. Charlie and I miss you both but so happy to hear of your great trip. TJ & Charlie

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