Can’t Sleep, End of Trip Thoughts

I’m just too friggin excited, home is just around the corner! This is our second to last day, and it is completely surreal. I really should be trying to sleep because, like yesterday, I’ll probably fall asleep on the tile floor outside a tattoo parlor bathroom again in the middle of the day. As excited as I am, it’s moments like that (and many more) that I know I will miss when I get back. The afternoon unplanned nap under a tree or by a tattoo parlour. Boiling eggs in an alleyway. Applying gold bond powder to my butt on the side of the road. Peeing by the side of the road. These last two are verydear to my heart. All these little moments are ones that only being on a bike tour (or being homeless) can provide. I have laughed to tears more in the last two months than I ever have, and I have some damn funny friends at home. It has made me appreciate the little joys in life SO much more. A bed, shower, clean clothes. Guys, these things are AMAZING. And now I know everything I need to live can fit in 4 small bags! I had never camped before this journey, and my mother fancies me a ‘hoarder’, so I’m very impressed and content that I kicked ass at living the minimalist/homeless lifestyle. Ah! I could go on and on about all the amazing people who have inspired me along the way, about how breathtaking America is, about how proud I am in the strength of my body and mind, but like I said, I should try to sleep! I could go on about how I have learned lessons that only hard work and flat tires can teach, about how disconnecting from screens and distractions has led to more deep thinking I have ever done, and about being in a vulnerable position (looking homeless) brings out immense kindness from strangers, but I should try to sleep! I could go on about how amazing Anna is and how spending so much time with an awesome, strong, kickass, hilarious person makes me better, but I’ll probably cry. She’s my Misty May, my better half, my ordering at restaurants and splitting delicious meals soul mate. Without her, I would never have done what is to date the most incredible thing I’ve ever accomplished. So guys, if Anna ever emails you and asks you to go on an insane cross country bike trip, SAY YES. You won’t regret it.

3 thoughts on “Can’t Sleep, End of Trip Thoughts

  1. I feel so lucky to have met you both!!!! I love your honesty, sense of humor and warm thoughts! You and Anna make quite a traveling pair………I’m so happy for the two of you for completing such an amazing journey that will be treasured for the rest of your lives. I’m sure your sense of inner and outer strength is so heightened now that nothing can get in your way of following your dreams. Roll on sista friend!!!
    Enjoy your welcome home celebration tomorrow!!!!
    Hope to see you on stage sometime soon.
    Kaaren Caron

  2. Having once said yes when Anna asked me to go on a crazy bike tour, I can understand your feeling of gratitude! So glad that you have experienced the joys of camping, living out of a small bag, and peeing just everywhere. Life’s a little different now, isn’t it? Hope you’re home coming was terrific! Welcome back

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