Brouhaha at the Border

So you’re in Canada. You finished looking at the majesty of the Falls. You just want to get back to the good ol US of A, right? Of course you do.


You hop on your bike and start pedaling over the Friendship Bridge, but traffic sucks. So you hop the fence with your bike and take the pedestrian bridge.



They don’t like it when you do that. They also don’t like it when you hand them a passport with a list of guns on it by accident. Thanks, Erik.


Fortunately, we got through without a full strip search. Guess most terrorists aren’t as dumb as I am.


Back in New York at last!

1 thought on “Brouhaha at the Border

  1. hahaha, that gun list was probably what saved you. Those guards looked at it and were like … well, she seems to be American, these are good guns.
    Welcome back to the land of the FREE!

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