Go Mennonites!

Have you ever thought that one day you’d wake up in a nice Mennonite family’s home, to the smell of fresh baked bread and the smiles of adorable babies?  No?  Well, it happened to me, and someday it might just happen to you too.

Yesterday we biked 70 miles and decided to stop at a private campground for the first time in a while.  Usually these places charge between $10 and $20, which is annoying, since you’re sleeping on the ground, but sometimes worth it when you really really want a shower.  This place seemed nice, full of smiling Canadians wearing fake Park Ranger outfits, but once we filled out all the paperwork, the girl asked us for FORTY DOLLARS.  With a totally straight face, like it wasn’t insane.  We stared at her, asked for clarification, and decided to move on.

Down the road a mile or so, we stopped and knocked on a random door.  A young couple in old timey clothes came to the door and immediately invited us to camp in their backyard, which was full of kittens.  After dinner, they came out to chat, and brought their adorable toddler and the smiliest baby in the world out too.  Soon, we were all buds, and they invited us to take showers and sleep in their spare bedroom.  This morning we had breakfast with Susie and the babies, and Susie taught us the most delicious breakfast move ever: homemade bread with homemade jam on it, dipped in cream.  Yeah.  It’s as good as it sounds.

We got to talk to her a bit over breakfast about her way of life.  I think that she thought we were as foreign to her as she was to us, and it was really amazing to get a glimpse into a world that we might never have seen if we weren’t doing this trip.  Big thanks to Susie and Peter for opening their home to us!  Go Mennonites!  Here’s Molly, Susie, Jesse, and me on their front porch:

Okay, I wanted to put that picture upright and not sideways.  But in this public library in small town Ontario, uploading a media file took up my entire allotted hour of computer time, and rotating it would take another hour.  Due to the clamoring hordes of people who need to use the 5 vacant computers in this place, it can’t be done.  So now we’re off!  We’ll be at Niagara Falls and back in the USA tomorrow!

1 thought on “Go Mennonites!

  1. Anna, looks like you should set off on a cross-country journey more often. Congrats on the Jerome, the Lark and the production(s). You rock!

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