Clap clap SCREW YOU

Ok, so tonight Julie put us up in the swankiest place we’ve been so far, a Holiday Inn. A full fledged hotel. Pretty sweet right? Then, enter the softball players.

Let me start out by saying, these are my people. I spent half my life traveling with one softball team or another, staying in hotels, getting up ass early. It brought back a lot of memories to see them standing in the parking lot with all the crap in the cars and their parents just hanging out with each other. So, I like these people. I get these girls. Then, enter, the clapping game.

You may be familiar with this game. It consists of sitting around in a circle where everyone is assigned a number. Then you clap twice (while saying your number) then twice more (by saying another number to pass is to someone else). If you stumble on your words or pause or say a wrong number, you lose!

Fun right?


Not for us at least. These softball players, AND their whole crew (coaches, families) thought it was totally kosher to sit right outside our sliding glass door window to the indoor pool area and play this goddam game til 11:30. Clap clap 3 3! Hysterical laughter! Anna and I were dismayed, this indoor area/echo chamber is flanked by at least 24 rooms. 24 rooms with real life people in it, who need real sleep. I thought back to when I was one of those girls passing our one off night by playing games late into the night. Was I being a hypocrite? Have I become the kind of cranky old geezer I once feared as a tween?


Those people are insanely inconsiderate (at least i played those games in MY ROOM) and I am an American human with rights to sleep.

We plan and demanding half of our money back (mainly for the worst customer service we have ever encountered while dealing with this situation). But I can never get back my image of the weekend softball entourage. They have adulterated it forever. All I can do now is shake my head, blame it on the “texting and the twitter blogs,” and lament the passing of the old days where we hit hoops with sticks for fun.

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