Be our Hunger Games Sponsor!

Hello from inside the Hunger Games. This is a plea to any possible sponsors out there. After a recieving generous gifts from a couple sponsors (Clif bars from Michele and baked goods from Mary), the gamemakers decided that the games needed more excitement. So they unleashed their mutant squirrels to gobble up our recent gifts and thunderstorms to leave us unable to hunt for more food. If you are watching the games from your district, and feel inclined to sponsor us in any way, feel free to do so! We could use the smallest amount of money for food and medicine (hello bike seat rash all of a sudden half way through the trip!) or whatever you feel inclined to sponsor. Or none at all! Emotional support is great too. Who knows! You could be sponsoring the next Hunger Games champions! You can send money to my PayPal account through my email at Or emotional support through the comments here, on the blog! Signing off, your favorite tributes,

-Molly and Anna

1 thought on “Be our Hunger Games Sponsor!

  1. so i just gave you $50. DOES THIS MEAN I OWN YOU?

    you at least have to wear my picture on a tshirt or something, right?

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