Cabela’s Day Trip

Live blogging all the wonders of this hunting warehouse store.

The killer was…a little girl…with a doll…in the gun library!


Anna’s cousin gave me his hat to wear so I look like I belong.




Graham caught a duck.


Finally! A product just for women that lets me fight rapists AND breast cancer at the same time! And in my favorite lady color!


Pink and blue boy and girl bows


Ham for breakfast, wild boar sandwich for lunch. Tastes like a cross between roast beef and ham. DELISH.


For the pimp/hunter in your life.


1 thought on “Cabela’s Day Trip

  1. Molly, What an incredible feat! I AM SOOOOOOOO JEALOUS and wishing I could do it too!!!!! You two have earned your bells, whistles and crowns. I talked to your dad and he said you agreed that I could meet up and travel with you awhile. True? If so, WHEN???? I’ll rent something big so we can ride a ways if you want. I can leave next Thursday – just have to be in DC on Aug 1st. Please let me live vicariously!

    Cousin Julie

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