A Very Merry Moench Vacation

Guys, I am writing this from a BED in a HOUSE where I SHOWERED. All thanks to the amazing Moench clan. Anna’s parents and her boyfriend Graham traveled far and wide to meet us as far as we got in this 97 degree weather (Presho, SD) to scoop us up and take us to the famed ‘Prairie House’ in Alexandria, SD for a much needed rest/vacation with the whole Moench clan. It’s already awesome (we ate antelope and I can see the friggin milky way from here). I also plan on sleeping for 12 hours tonight…in a bed. Ah, it feels so good to say that…in bed.

1 thought on “A Very Merry Moench Vacation

  1. Hi Anna & Molly,
    You’re going to go soft…Hope everything’s going fine, sounds like it in the moment. Everyone we know is getting a real kick out of your trip. We wish you the best. TJ & Charlie-Prairie Rose House SD

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