TJ and Charlie

Guys, I think Anna and I did something awesome in our past lives to keep meeting these AMAZING folks along our journey. This morning baker and cook extraordinaire TJ cooked us pancakes and sausage with homemade rhubarb strawberry jam. Then Charlie took us out for our first ever motorcycle rides! He took us through the famous town of Deadwood. We hung out so long that we ended up going out to lunch with them too, their treat. We were really sad to be leaving TJ and Charlie, and are already plotting ways to come back to visit. I wanted to stay so bad, in fact, that Charlie had to hop on his motorcycle to meet us after we had already left because I had forgotten my gloves. I jokingly said, “see you in five minutes!” and said goodbye again. Then, we saw him 5 minutes later. I had forgotten my pillow too. Even though we are almost at Mount Rushmore, I still feel like he may be around the corner with my toothbrush or a sock I left behind. Wishful thinking!

Anna and me take on the role of biker.



Our favorite biker couple ever, TJ and Charlie!


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