Gaebe Ranch or, holy crap I found relatives in North Dakota

Guess where Anna and I will be spending 4th of July?! That’s right, GAEBE RANCH. And it’s right on our route! Ok, let me explain. We are in Medora, ND and we went to a bike shop to get new tires. When I handed over my credit card, the sales lady said that there are a couple Gaebe’s on North Dakota. Gaebe is not a common name, if there is a Gaebe, I am related to them. So I googled ‘Gaebe North Dakota’ and the first hit that came up was a website for Gaebe Ranch, a ranch in Bowman, ND which is the exact town we are getting to for the 4th tomorrow. I called and talked to the Gaebes that own it and sure enough, we all have our roots in Addieville, IL. Family!!! So we are staying there tomorrow! Unfortunately, the Gaebes are traveling this weekend so we’ll miss them, but we get to stay at the ranch! Go Gaebes!

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