A gas station and a school bus

Highs and lows guys. Twas only a few hours ago that we posted about the rough ride ahead of us today. THEN, when we least expected it, we come upon a small gas station to grab some coffee and use the bathroom before the ride got really bad. As I was leaning my bike against the wall outside, through the window I could see 2 friendly looking old guys and I turned to Anna and said “we are about to make some new friends.” And boy, did we. Rich Olson, of Olson Services Gas Station, immediately welcomed us with fresh coffee and a smile and a seat at the table with him and his pals. We hung out over unlimited coffee and got advice, stories, and one dumb blonde joke. ANd, apparently, this gas station is famous! Rich’s dad who owned the gas station used to leave it open with no one working and people paid for the gas on the honor system. Then, the NYtimes did an article about him and he got flown to do the Oprah show! Apparently you get an Oprah mug when you do the show, see the pic below of me with the famous mug and new friends. And if this wasn’t cool enough, Rich called his sister Sue who is a school bus driver to come take us to the next town! So here we are, with a day off basically in Medora, ND, because of the kindness of the people at Olson’s Gas Station. Now we are going to go get some Jalapeño taffy and ride some horses and see a country musical on the advice of Sue. Day one in NoDak: WIN.



Aaaannd, we bought hats!


1 thought on “A gas station and a school bus

  1. That would be Rick not Rich. LOL. You can’t believe everything Rick says. LOL. I was headed to Bismarck when he told you he called me. My lucky day to be headed east when you girls were at the station and could offer you a ride. Great to meet you and hear your story. Hope you got to do all you wanted while in Medora.

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