My Lord and Savior

So this will be the second time I was saved by Jesus. Except this time he is not saving me from Satan. And this time I don’t have to give up sex. No, he is saving me from an even bigger enemy than the devil. Mosquitos. The townsfolk were not kidding, they are awful, surely a plague sent down to signal the apocalypse. So we have taken refuge in the basement of the Hinsdale, MT church. Oh glorious basement shielded from the terrors that lurk above. We thank you and praise you and love that you have a fan and a bunch of Christian themed workout videos called ‘The Body Gospel.’ Also, the people in this town are so nice it almost seems like they are trying to out-nice each other. One guy gave us his bottle of vanilla mint and rose spray-the locals swear by it to keep the gnats off. Another came by right after and offered his bug spray. I thought another would round the corner and offer us a free insecticide spraying around our tent.

We are happy to be here, even though we didn’t make it to Glasgow, MT like we intended. But the head winds were ridiculous today, in addition to it being 94 degrees out. And I got 2 flat tires…TODAY. At (insert some small town I don’t remember the name of) we met 3 guys who are recent college grads biking the opposite direction. We found out that they are warned about rape and murder approximately 100% less than we are. Also we will probably be paid 77 cents to the dollar that they are, but I digress. So we stopped early in Hinsdale and went to a nice bar to grab a cold one and some food. They have us warm breadsticks with CINNAMON BUTTER. I know. We got seconds. Don’t be jealous. My body has been ravaged by mosquitos, so it’s a trade off.

On a white board in the church basement.


Thank the lord for shelter!


Cinnamon butter and warm bread. Yum City.


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