Oh I’m dead serious.

You know when you’re biking along into 20mph headwinds, hating your life, and then someone offers to drive you the rest of the 50 miles to Havre? And then this conversation occurs:

“You guys want a vehicle to drive around town today?”
“Are you serious?”
“Oh I’m dead serious.”

Yeah. All that just happened to us.


More soon! Time to see the bison kill site and then eat pizza and go to the shooting range with our new best friend!

3 thoughts on “Oh I’m dead serious.

  1. I am incredibly jealous of the good fortune you guys had today, especially in light of these new revealations. But I did hitch a ride with a 9 year old today. That’s right, a 9 year old drove me through part of Montana… It was grand.

    It was a pleasure running into you guys today. I hope you enjoy the rest of your tour.


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