Conquering the Divide

I have no words for what we did and saw yesterday. Okay, well, I have two actually. Epic and awesome. Two words that are overused and usually not true to their actual meaning. But here, riding over the continental divide at Logan Pass in Glacier National Park, they apply. I experienced awe in a way that I never have, and I have a lot of experience in being one step removed. Biking through this place doesn’t allow you to do that. You don’t have time to think. It’s only you, your breath, the burn in your lungs and legs, and the incredible expanse of what you can see. I have never been present like his before. I felt as wild as the winds and water that created this place. It feels pretty great (and a little scary) to not let myself get one step removed. So I tried it again by not making a joke or a sarcastic comment in this post. Which feels really great, and a little bit scary.

Some pics!



Our celebratory beer!


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