Holy Huckleberry!

Guys, today was rough. Like Destiny’s Child says, it was all Hills, Hills, Hills. Or something like that. But we were rewarded for our hard work when we stopped at a cafe/deli/restaurant in Rexford, MT. We showed up in our matching ice blue long sleeved wool shirts (yea we match most of the trip, and, yes, it’s adorable) to find two women who worked there also in blue shirts. So its now gone from a blue gathering to a full blown blue fietsa, and since it’s only us 4 in the place, someone had to mention it, or else it would have SUPER awkward. We end up bonding over our blue shirts, love, loss, aging, the sisterhood of pants that travel, the beauty of childbirth, and…ok, maybe it was just the blue shirts. BUT, it was enough for them to take a liking to us and offer us hand picked frozen huckleberries to go. We just had them for dessert with milk and sugar mixed in, and it was heaven. Thank god for blue shirts.

Here’s Anna with a delicious huckleberry shake. Yum City.


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