Commonly discussed topics of conversation.

In order of frequency:

1. Food. When we’ll get it, what kind, how much of it.

2. Poop. Which is sort of the flip side of #1, if you think about it.  Shit, I’m getting all philosophical now.

3. Hills.

4. Wind.  I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about wind, and putting winds in order of my personal preference as follows: Strong tailwinds, Light tailwinds, Light sidewinds, Light headwinds, Strong sidewinds, and finally, the dreaded Strong headwinds.

5. Pee: Specifically, the need to stop and do so on the side of the road.

6. Rain/Cold. How much we hate rain/cold.

7. Showers. When we’ll get the next one. Hell, at this point, we even get excited about having a sink. My sunscreen acts as a sort of glue for all sorts of road debris and dead insects, and it’s luxury itself to scrape that layer off before climbing into the sleeping bag.

8. Bears.

9. Justin Bieber. Why Molly loves him so.

10. Tan lines. Who has the worst ones.

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