IDAHO! Or, the day we almost lost our legs to rabid dogs

Goodbye Washington! You were good to us, but we have a new mistress now, and her name is Idaho. And apparently she is guarded by GIANT DOG BEASTS that alert every other mutant dog/hulk on the block that you are coming. And then the chase begins, you with your bike loaded down with 70 pounds of gear, and them with their bloodthirsty canine death brigade. I am happy to be alive, convinced I out pedaled them to safety. Anna, however, has informed me that this is a fairly common occurrence, and that the best course of action is to slow down (yea, ok) come to a stop (suicide?) and tell the dog “no”(i’m assuming ‘no’ means ‘please take a chunk out of my delicious human flesh’).

Idaho has proven a suitable mistress, but we hope she doesn’t get too attached. Because we ride into Montana in just a day or 2! USA! USA!

How many flags can you spot?


1 thought on “IDAHO! Or, the day we almost lost our legs to rabid dogs

  1. Molly! We are collecting state licenses plates – see our blog:

    I am thinking….you can help me get licenses plates of some of our final states. If you pedal through: Arizona, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee, West Virginia or Wisconsin take a picture and email it to me. You will get full credit!!!!

    PS: I linked to your blog on ours.

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