We’ve put down roots in a nice little motel in Kettle Falls for our first full rest day. Riding into Kettle Falls you see a sign that proclaims “Kettle Falls: 1,460 Friendly Folks and One Grouch.” We think we met the One Grouch. This guy sitting outside the motel seemed pissed we put our bikes in our rooms and asked “think someone’s gunna pedal off with them?” Well, yea, now we do, you weirdo.

Things brightened up when Anna saw the bulk aisle in the store across the street from us. I mean, she loves it guys. Her face lights up like its Christmas day. It’s kind of adorable.


Last night we went to an amazing brewery with ping pong and live music and bratwurst from heaven and one of those floors covered in peanut shells like Cracker Barrel. It felt like Brooklyn except for the mountains through the open door. Oh, also, don’t let Anna tell you she’s bad at ping pong. She’s good. She will beat you and you will look like a fool for talking up your own skills. You will be the laughing stock of Kettle Falls. You will fall into a deep depression and never leave town. And then suddenly, one day, sitting outside of a motel, you will realize that you, yes you, have indeed become the One Grouch of Kettle Falls. Don’t let this happen to you.

Here’s the brewery we are hitting up again tonight. May you all dream of bratwurst, my friends.


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