We’re Dry! It Stopped raining!

WE DID IT! WE SHOWERED! Oh, also, we kicked Washington Passes ass. The cold and rainy and snowy and painful (I shed a minor amount of tears over a knee and back thing) climb led to a glorious other side of the mountain where the sun magically shone down upon us. The descent was exhilarating, we passes people on the mountain who were skiing, it felt pretty bad ass to have done this on a loaded bike.


We were exhausted when we got to Mazama, WA. And God rewarded our hard work with a magical beautiful campsite called the “Bicycle Barn” that was the yard of this awesome couple who put in a hot shower and outhouse, and we had the place all to ourselves. They had built lovely ponds and there was an old Chevy truck by a willow tree and cotton was floating in the air like summertime snow. And the place is surrounded by mountains. And of course, there is a barn. We slept for 9 hours, our bodies needed it after such a hard day. Guys, this is hard, and not everyone can do it. And that makes me proud that I can. LOOK IM BRAGGING NOW. That didn’t take long.

the Bicycle Barn!


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