We will never be dry. It will never stop raining.

We decided to break up a 75 mile day into a 50 and a 25 to rest up before tackling our first mountain in the Cascades. So two nights ago we slept in the yard behind the Marblemount general store, thanks to the generous owners, and ate a ton of food thanks to the neighboring diner!


The food and yard space were awesome, but we were soaked to the bone as it has been raining on us nonstop since we started. We don’t understand how people can live in this puddle and be so cheerful all the time. I guess they have houses. And showers. Oh yeah, we haven’t showered sine Seattle, which was 4 days and over 200 miles ago. We smell like roses, in case you were wondering.

Last night we camped at Diablo Lake after our short day of riding. We made friends with a badass opera singer who’s on a road trip, and we made her get out her guitar and sing some songs for us. Molly jammed with her on her new harmonica–video to follow when we find a library! Then I scrounged for wood in empty campsites’ firepits and we roasted our shoes. This morning we has dry feet for the first time in days! No trenchfoot here!


Today we rose at 5am to start our assault on Washington Pass. Did we make it over, or are we huddled beside a snow bank, waiting for morning? Did we pack enough emergency ramen, or have I eaten Molly’s left hand? And most importantly, did we shower?? All this and more, on tomorrow’s post!

1 thought on “We will never be dry. It will never stop raining.

  1. Here’s to a great night of fire starting, harmonica playing, singing, and holy socks! You guys are awesome! Best of luck to you, and who knows, I might come knocking on your east coast door one day!

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