Singing and riding in the rain

Ok, more just riding in the rain. It’s hard to focus on anything else than getting over the next hill. It builds character, guys. Last night we camped in Port Townsend and the rain soothed us to sleep (PSYCH! I can never sleep!). We are about to board a ferry where we will ride to Anacortes and finally head due EAST! Right now we are in this awesome cafe right across the street from the ferry and this nice guy is talking to Anna about gear, and I literally understand 1 out of 4 words they are using. I’m not what they call a ‘gearhead’. But I will be! But here is a pretty picture of her in front of the ferry.


3 thoughts on “Singing and riding in the rain

      2) a sped up Carry On by Fun
      3) Just around the Riverbend
      4) Made up songs about how hungry I am
      5) Christmas songs (The beat of the cycling dictates the sing that pops in your head, and for some reason a lot of Christmas songs fit, and it lasts ALL day)

      Give me some suggestions!

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