Look, ma! No hands! Ok, hands. Do you feel better about this trip now?

Hey guys, Molly here. 25 days until we leave. Which is insane, I have not had this much anticipation for something since Justin Bieber turned 18. The trip we have been planning for over a year is finally on the horizon, and I am as unprepared and excited as I knew I would be. I mean, how does one prepare for something like this? Ok, yea, by riding a bike. I mean OTHER THAN THAT you jerks. I’ve never considered myself a ‘cyclist’ or a ‘biker’ or an ‘accountant.’ But I make up for that in perseverance, heart, and embarrassment from not wanting Anna to know how out of shape I am. I have a strong feeling that I will be giving a lot of strained smiles and fake thumbs up in the beginning as she looks back to check every now and then to see if I haven’t given up and gone back to NYC to become an accountant or something.

As you can tell, I am slightly anxious, but this feeling is completely overwhelmed by the excitement of seeing the country that I majored in at Wesleyan for the first time with my very own eyes. And, Snickers…guys, I get to eat like, 300 a day.


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